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King Bed Sizes

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Groucho Marx once joked, “Anything that can’t be done in bed isn’t worth doing at all.” You might think he was referring to sleeping. But humans, at one time or another, have done just about everything in bed.

Despite the fact that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, they’re more of an afterthought.

Beds for sale in Cape Town, I certainly didn’t think much King Bed Sizes about beds until I found myself talking about their history with the executives of a Beds 4 u company. These humble artifacts, I learned, had a big story to tell—one that’s 77,000 years. Click here for our social on facebook old.

Beds 4 u That’s when, according to archaeologist Lynn Wadley, our early African ancestors started to sleep in hollows dug out of cave floors—the first beds. Beds for sale in Cape Town. They wrapped themselves in insect-repelling grasses to avoid bed bugs as persistent as those of today’s seedy motels.

King Bed Sizes

Much about our beds have remained unchanged for centuries. But one aspect of the bed has undergone a dramatic shift.

Today, we usually sleep in bedrooms with the door shut firmly behind us. They’re the ultimate realm of privacy. No one else is allowed in them, aside from a spouse or lover.

But as I will show in my forthcoming book it wasn’t always this way. Beds full of ‘buck and babble’

Beds for sale in Cape Town, The structure of the bed has remained remarkably consistent and then We know that raised frames with mattresses were being used in Malta and Egypt by 3000 BC, which means that people have been using them for over 5,000 years.

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King Beds Sizes

Early Egyptian beds were little more than rectangular wooden frames with legs and leather or fabric sleeping platforms. The upper end was often angled slightly upwards. Beds for sale in Cape Town, Grass, stuffed into sacks or cloth bags served as a scratchy mattress for centuries.

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But one thing that Beds for sale in Cape Town has changed is who has occupied the bed and for most of human history, people thought nothing of crowding family members or friends into the same bed.

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The 17th-century diarist Samuel Pepys often slept with male friends and then they rated their conversation skills. One of his favorites was the “merry Mr. Creed,” who then provided “excellent company.” In September 1776, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin famously shared a bed in a New Jersey inn with only one small window. Adams kept it shut, but Franklin wanted it open, complaining that he would King Bed Sizes suffocate without fresh air. Adams won the battle and then screamed and was happy because of new bed. Beds for Sale in Cape Town.

King Bed Sizes

Firstly, Travelers often slept with strangers. In China and Mongolia, kangs—heated stone platforms—were used in inns as early as 5000 BC. Guests supplied the bedding and slept with fellow tourists.

Therefore, as a result, so, consequently.

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King Bed Sizes

Bedding down with strangers could lead to some awkwardness. The 16th-century English poet Andrew Buckley complained of bedmates who “buck and babble, some commeth drunk to bed.”

King Bed Sizes

Beds for sale in Cape Town, Beds 4 u Then there was the Great King Bed Sizes Bed of Ware—a massive bed kept in an inn in a small town in entral England. Built with richly decorated oak around 1590, the four-post bed is about the size of two modern double beds. Twenty-six butchers and their wives—a total of 52 people—are said to have spent a night in the Great Bed in 1689.

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